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High rise skinny jeans are designed to be worn slightly above the waist & shape in the hip area. The style of women's high rise skinny fit jeans can be seen from the collection of super skinny jeans, skinny jeans, mile high jeans, ribcage jeans and others.

Levi's® has been at the forefront of producing high quality jeans for over a hundred years, and high rise skinny jeans are the latest in our timeless denim collection. Once associated exclusively with the punk style, skinny jeans have become the standard throughout mainstream fashion. Her style has dominated the denim industry for decades, and for good reason. An easy-to-make silhouette embracing your curves in a variety of options for casual or classy events.

Our high rise skinny jeans are made for all women, that's why we're expanding our skinny jeans size options, including 720™ High-Rise Super Skinny Jeans, so there's even more ways to find your perfect fit.

We envisioned 720™ High-Rise Skinny Jeans as modern leggings. These jeans can lengthen your legs and hold your shape perfectly.

Our variety of colors and washing techniques give our skinny jeans charm and personal character. From light blue to navy blue, navy blue, white to black, and even flashy patterns like camo and bold vibrant colors like yellow and pink, no matter how you define your personal style, we've made sure that there's a pair of skinny jeans. women made especially for you.

Ripped skinny jeans for women are a great way to pay homage to the origins of the punk style. From slightly stressed rips to full rips, you can go bold. Wear a graphic t-shirt with ripped light blue or white women's jeans for a more daytime look. On the other hand, an all-black outfit featuring black ripped women's skinny jeans will make you look tough for a night on the town.

Levi's® High Rise-skinny Jeans for women are a must-have for “cool women” denim. Pair your favorite skinny jeans with layers under a trucker jacket for a very casual look. Or team it with a denim shirt and high heels for a more refined version of the Canadian Tuxedo. Whether you wear sneakers or a woman with high heels, skinny jeans are flexible enough to adapt to any style. And if you like jeans that fit better, you'll love Levi's® high rise skinny jeans.