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The Levis 505™ Regular Jeans are jeans with a straight cut and tapering lines from knee to toe. This series is suitable for all occasions, both formal and casual. The cut fits at the waist with a loose silhouette at the thigh. Generally, the 505™ series fabric is thicker than the 501® series. In terms of model, this series is recommended for those of you who like neat style.

These pants were first produced in 1893. That is twenty years after the 501 was produced. All parts of the Levis 505™ Jeans are almost the same as the 501® series. The difference is, the front has been used as a zipper instead of buttons. The pocket design is still the same with 5 pockets, two back pockets and two front pockets. First created in 1967, the Levi's® 505™ Regular is one of the crowd's favorite straight fit jeans.

The classic straight leg style that is loved by everyone, with a suitable waist line with extra room for movement at the thighs, and a cut that falls straight to the ankles. Meet the original zip fly from 1967, the Levis 505™ Regular Jeans. With its versatile straight cut and classic style, this suit suits all body types and goes with almost anything. Original zip fly, made in 1967. Straight leg flexibility fits all body types. Made with a comfortable and roomy size. Try bold cuffs with casual shoes.

Levi's® 505™ original Levi's® 505™ jeans are perfect for all body shapes. For a modern look, try rolling up ankle-length jeans and pairing them with casual sneakers and a comfy hoodie!