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If you're looking for regular taper jeans to make your favorite pants, you can get them at Levi's® Official Store Indonesia. This type of men's jeans is the first choice of jeans that can be chosen by everyone because it is suitable for every body shape, whether you are a big man, slim, short, or muscular. Levi's® 502™ Regular Taper comes in various sizes and waist heights that can be selected according to your preferences.

Not only that, Levi's® jeans with 502™ fit also come in various colors and washes. If you want to look more casual, choose a wash where there is a touch of white on the knee. If you want a sharper or more formal look, choose the unwashed or raw Levi's® 502™ Regular Taper. For color choices, feel free to mix-and-match with your favorite tops and shoes. Levi's® 502™ Regular Taper Jeans come in a variety of colors that are still in shades of black, gray, and of course blue.

But, what exactly are regular taper jeans themselves? Before choosing, it is natural that you are confused about the meaning of this term. Actually, the term taper itself refers to the shape of the fit that narrows down to the ankles. However, this shrinkage is not as narrow as skinny jeans, but still provides space in various parts of the body. Then, in each taper jeans, the hips and thighs also have room for movement that makes the area comfortable. When all these characteristics are combined, you will get pants that are slimmer, but still feel spacious.

Meanwhile, in the taper jeans collection, the term regular refers to the most basic type that is likely to suit everyone. This is because taper jeans also have several other fit variations, such as the 512™ Slim Taper or the 541™ Athletic Taper owned by Levi's®. Well, Levi's® 502™ Regular Taper Jeans are the right choice if you want pants that are just right, not too slim and not too wide. Get it now only at Levi's® Official Store Indonesia!