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Levi's® has been the trendsetter of women's bootcut jeans for generations and will continue to evolve over time. Our jeans include Bootcut Shaping 315 which is built for high performance with 4-way elasticity.

If you've never tried bootcut jeans, now's the time to incorporate them into your wardrobe. Throwback styles are all over the place these days, and here's to an even better style. This style is the right style for everyday wear, and what stands out from this collection is skinny fit jeans and straight fit jeans, which will still be comfortable to wear.

The women's bootcut style jeans are slim at the top and fit to the knees, plus the legs protrude slightly for a subtle wide effect. The shape of the legs will look very good, and suitable to be worn with boots, and can give a perfect curvy silhouette when worn. The silhouette created from our bootcut pants is known for its leg-lengthening effect and is great for balancing body proportions for looks.

Once you've got your hands on a new bootcut type of jeans, there are plenty of style options to try. In addition to wearing them with boots, you can also use pointed-toed high heels to increase the effect of leg lengthening and create a slimmer and slender silhouette. You also still combine it with a casual or retro style, imagine wearing these pants with sandals or sneakers and even a cropped tank for a more stylish look.

When you browse through our collection of Levi's® women's bootcut pants, you're sure to find the style that suits you best. Like the classic 715 Boot Cut Jeans collection with a mid-rise model and a slim fit jeans cut that fits on the hips and thighs. If you want to accentuate your figure, opt for the 312 Shaping Boot Cut Jeans – made with advanced stretch denim to complement your curves, a flexible waist cut that moves with you, and a slightly higher mid-rise cut with added tummy-slimming that holds up your body. You. Combine that with the perfect bootcut leg cut, and you'll get a perfect fit. Since these jeans cut styles are suitable for many body types, we also offer them in plus sizes. If you're adventurous, also try our 517™ Cropped Boot Cut Jeans. This style of pants has a cut at the ankle for an edgier silhouette and is great paired with a pretty pair of heels.

While in the beginning, bootcut pants were meant to be worn with cowboy boots, now their popularity has gone beyond their primary purpose and can be used in a variety of styles. Our selection of women's bootcut pants come in a variety of washes and finishes, so you can wear bootcut jeans with a black heel for a more formal work look, or tight if you want to stay relaxed.