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Levi's® 311™ Shaping Skinny is a product of Levi's® women's jeans designed to support every curve that the body has and make it look slimmer at the same time. Basically, this shaping skinny jeans product is similar to other Levi's® jeans products which have different sizes, colors, and wash variations such as women's skinny jeans.

However, it should be understood that each item has innovations that may differ from one another. An example is Levi's® Women's 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans which are designed with sustainability in mind. This product variation has a slimming panel as well as Performance Cool technology. Your body contour will look more attractive and air circulation will also be supported at the same time.

For another example, there is also Levi's® 311™ Shaping Skinny Jeans which are designed with Levi's® Sculp Fabrication technology that supports body movement in four directions, so that it becomes maximum and feels comfortable when worn. Levi's® Sculpt Fabrication is the perfect blend of ultra-soft fibers as well as strong stretchability, so as to create the appearance and shape of the perfect curve or body contour.

However, it should also be noted that all shaping skinny jeans offered by Levi's® are designed for the same purpose, namely to be durable and can be used as a woman's skinny jeans. Therefore, the materials used are chosen in such a way that you can rely on them for a long time. Even so, don't forget to follow the correct denim care procedures. One way is to read the tag and follow our recommended purification method. But, if necessary, also understand other ways, so that you can also maintain the shaping of skinny jeans, the color, the skin, and the quality of the material in the long run.

If you've made your decision, just check out Levi's® 311™ Shaping Skinny jeans and make payments using various methods, whether it's with VISA, JCB, and MasterCard cards, as well as e-wallet and bank transfers. Then, if you want another method, you can also use cash-on-delivery, which is a method where payments are made at your own residence. But, it should be noted again that the terms and conditions still apply, yes. Furthermore, item availability and delivery may be affected by various factors, such as stock quantities or specific geographic areas. If you understand, happy shopping!

We can ship your order throughout Indonesia. However, please note that we cannot ship internationally.